Set menu #60

Thank you for your order! We’ve prepared it with lots of love, and hope eating it will be an enjoyable experience for you and your loved ones :)

Please always keep food that is not consumed immediately in the fridge or freezer. Fridge should be between 2-5C and Freezer below -20C. *

** Consume within 3 days or as according to the Date sticker on the container.

1: Galbi Ogoji Tang

Beef Ribs and Cabbage Soup

House dried cabbage leaves with chunky beef ribs in 

house fermented pollock beanpaste soup. 

Rustic Korean soup with deep but subtle flavours. 

- Pour contents into a pot and ​bring to boil with the lid on, 

over medium-high heat.

Keep the lid on whilst boiling to keep the meat tender. 

Serve with rice and kimchi.

2: Haemul Soonduboo

Seafood Soft Tofu Soup

Mix seafood marinara mix with pipi shells in beef bone based spicy soup.

Fresh silken tofu made in Melbourne with fresh vegetables. 

- Pour contents into a pot and ​bring to boil with the lid on, 

over medium-high heat.

Boil until seafood is cooked through and tofu is warm. 

Serving Suggestion: Add an egg when soup is boiling. 

Serve with steamed rice or noodles. 


3: Ohsum Bulgogi

Awesome Bulgogi

This dish comes in 2 parts:

Meat pouch and Veggie tub.

Local squid with fresh pork belly pieces. 

Marinated in our secret garlic spicy sauce. 

Ready to stir-fry. 

- Heat a frying pan with a little bit of oil. 

The pork belly has a lot of oil but you still need a little oil in the pan

to draw out the oil from the pork. 

When the pan is warm add the cabbage from the veggie mix first. 

Stir fry a little (4 tosses) then add the meat. 

Cook the meat until the pork belly is almost cooked through (becomes tougher) 

then add the rest of the vegetables.

Keep stir frying until all cooked through. 

Add a teaspoon of butter for fuller flavour.  

Serve with rice or noodles. 

Use a little of the left over sauce to make 

fried rice or fried noodles. 

Serving suggestions : Add rice cakes. 

4: Hodumeulchi

 Walnut Anchovies

Dried Korean mini anchovies in tossed in sweet soy.

Great friend to plain steamed rice or beer.  

- Eat cold.

5: Jjajang Sauce

Pork and Blackbean Sauce

Chopped onions, zucchini, cabbage, pork mince and pork belly.

Stir fried in fermented black bean paste. 

As close as I could get it to the way it tastes in Korea. 

The vegetables and water tastes different in every country so it’s always fun

trying to find the balance that recreates a flavour from another country.  

- Microwave with the lid on for 1min 30 seconds. 

Or, heat on stovetop until warm throughout. 

Serve with rice and a fried egg or

noodles and fresh cucumber garnish.

Pickled yellow radish usually accompanies this dish. 

And raw onions with blackbean paste dipping sauce but that’s 

quite hardcore. The onions in Korea a plump and sweet, 

Australian onions are tougher and spicier. 

6: Jangjorim set 

Soy Beef Strips​ and Soy Eggs 

Beef flank and free range chicken eggs

braised in our jangjorim soy sauce. 


- Eat cold. 

Serve as a side with kimchi.

Serving Suggestion:

Use the sauce to season steamed white rice. 

1 bowl of rice with 1 tsp butter and 3 or more tbs of the soy sauce. 

Mix and enjoy. 

7: Chonsachae

Kelp Jelly Salad

A very popular side - to my surprise. 

Our customers are always looking for this at our Laverton 

store but we never have it in stock because I never seem to make enough.

Kelp extract jelly noodles in sweet mayo with 

carrot and cucumber. 

A fun side to eat. 

- Eat cold. 

8: Gat Kimchi

Fermented mustard leaf kimchi. 

A tangy kimchi.  

- Eat cold. 

Serving suggestion : 

When it gets sour, it can be used in stirfries, fried rice or soup. 


We hope you will enjoy your meal and your week!


We greatly appreciate any feedback so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any queries, suggestions or comments. 



Thank you! :)