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Set menu #75 - Final Set

Thank you for your order! We’ve prepared it with lots of love, and hope eating it will be an enjoyable experience for you and your loved ones :)

Please always keep food that is not consumed immediately in the fridge or freezer. Fridge should be between 2-5C and Freezer below -20C. *

** Consume within 3 days or as according to the Date sticker on the container.

1: Gotgaejjim

Chilli Crabs

Blue swimmer crabs braised in our spicy sauce with

mungbean shoots and minari Korean parsley.

This was not a good week to do crabs as they are very small :(

We wanted to get better crabs but with this weather it this was the 

best my fishmonger could do for this week. 

This is one of the reasons we have decided to finish up the weekly set menus, 

as it is getting even harder to predict what fresh produce will be available. 

The current issues with supply is increasingly becoming a challenge

and keeping me on my toes!  

Anyways, we’ve instead stuffed a lot of these bite sized crabs into the dish. 

You can eat them without getting your hands too dirty :)


- Pour contents into a large pan and heat over high heat. 

 Serve with rice

OR cook with Udon noodles. 

2: Deulgae Gamja Guk

Potato Soup with perilla seeds

Potatoes in kelp stock with perilla seeds. 

A light refreshing Korean soup. 

- Pour into a pot and with the lid closed, bring to boil. 

Serve with rice and kimchi.

3: Soh Bulgogi

Beef Bulgogi (raw)

Fresh think beef slices

marinated in our gochujang bulgogi sauce. 

- Heat a frying pan with a little bit of oil. 

Add the meat and stir fry until nearly cooked through.

Add vegetables and cook until fully cooked. 

Serve with rice, noodles, in tacos, pizza or salad. 

4: Jjajangmyeon

Pork and Blackbean Noodles

Pork belly and pork mince with onions, cabbage and zucchini blackbean sauce. 

Comes with fresh noodles but equally delicious on steamed rice. 

- Boil water and add the noodles. 

Boil whilst stirring intermittently, until cooked through - around 4-6 mins.

Heat the sauce in a pot whilst cooking the noodles. 

When the noodles are cooked, 

wash thoroughly under cold water. 

Then wash in clean hot water to bring back to a warm temperature.

Divide the noodles in 2 bowls and top with heated sauce. 

Top with fresh cucumber or fried egg. 


5: Danmooji Moochim

Seasoned Pickled Radish


Pickled radish, sliced and seasoned with 

sesame oil, garlic, gochugaru powder and sesame seeds. 

- Eat cold. 

Serve with pork and blackbean noodles. 

6: Shiraegi Dwenjang Bokkuem

Radish leaves in beanpaste

House dried radish leaves braised with anchovies, 

then stirfried with pollock beanpaste. 

- Eat cold OR

heat lightly in microwave (30seconds).

Serve with rice. 

7: Patjook

Sweet Red Bean

Red beans slow cooked with cinnamon and sugar. 

Hand made glutinous rice balls.

- Heat in microwave with the lid on for 1 min. 

Stir well. 

8: Bokkuem Kimchi

Stir fried aged cabbage kimchi. 

 - Eat Cold. 

We hope you will enjoy your meal and your week!


We greatly appreciate any feedback so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any queries, suggestions or comments. 



Thank you! :)

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